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Little Girl, Big City

March 19, 2013

Here are my favorites from the second half of our photoshoot! I don’t exactly know why I chose this outfit. I kind of just threw my favorite pieces together and whatever shoes I had brought with me that matched the best. I guess it kind of worked?

I see I unintentionally followed the theme of an oversized outerwear piece by wearing this brown knit vest. I was really drawn to the vest when I saw it at a SJ thrift store, but I questioned how versatile it could really be. I realized I couldn’t put it down the entire time I was there, so I decided to take the jump to purchase it and now it’s become one of my favorite statement pieces.

This jumping picture is my all time favorite, even though it seems as if I’m missing a foot. I’ve been posting this everywhere!

So, I don’t know if you’ve been able to tell, but it was freezing by this time of the day. This is my attempt at keeping myself warm!


Although sold at a thrift store, the vest was actually made by Ryan DeBonville. (I think he sold it to the store?) He owns an Etsy shop, which you can visit here. However, after exchanging tweets with Ryan, I discovered he doesn’t make these anymore, but you can check out his other knit items. They are a little bit on the pricier side, but just so you know, I got this vest for just $15!

And another huge thanks to Christine for these photos!

Off the Train

March 18, 2013

My very good friend and famous-photographer-to-be, Christine, and I had a photoshoot around SF back in January. We combined my love for fashion and her’s for photography, got together, and collaborated on this project. I’ve been so excited to share these photos. This was the first time I did anything like this, so I was definitely very self-conscious, but Christine did a really great job, especially in fixing my imperfections. Thanks Christine!

We did a wardrobe change, so I’ll be sharing the second outfit in a different post, but here are some of my favorite photos from the first outfit. The military jacket I’m wearing has been a huge favorite ever since I got it from Tobi back in December. It is a little big for me, but I love the lazy, oversized fit and I’m glad Christine was able to capture its details. Check out some of her other photography work at her blog and see which ones she thought were her favorites!

I plan on doing a review post on the gorgeous bag and shoes from these photos, so check back if you’re interested in learning where I got those from!


February 19, 2013

Back in December, I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in SF with my friend, Kathy. I randomly stumbled onto the event online while looking for fun activities to do in the Bay and once I saw their website, I knew I wanted to go. It was like Etsy in real life, filled with tons of handmade contemporary items that were just right down my aisle. I felt like a kid in a candy store, “ahhing” at basically every single booth. The fair had a huge variety of items–from fashion and jewelry, stationary, home decor, and so much more. The place was huge! I liked to call it, “Hipster Central.”

A lot of their items were too expensive for me to actually buy, so I only walked away with a few things. I’ll share those in a later post. For now, here are some pictures of my favorite things from the fair.





These bracelets were my favorite items in the entire place. Unfortunately, it was $65, which was a lot more than I was willing to spend. I will admit that I was really close to caving in, but good thing I had Kathy there to talk me out of it. I’ll always and forever be on the hunt for something like this though. (Just at a cheaper price!)





If you love DIY projects and crafting, you should definitely try to go to one of their events. You can bring along your non-DIY interested friends too because chances are, they’ll gain so much more appreciation for the talent and creativity that these artists have. I know I did!

Drink to That

November 5, 2012

Last month, my friend Eric invited me to tag along with him and his friends and go to Oktoberfest in Downtown Campbell. I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the one in SF but I just love street fairs and festivals. And how can you deny beer + cider on a beautiful day?

I wore my pink studded high-waisted shorts with one of my favorite knit sweaters, a thrifted crossbody bag, and an old pair of sunglasses that were originally distributed by Coke. Hah! (And not going to lie, I wore that sweater that whole weekend.)

I put my hair in a bun using H&M’s “Hairstyling Ring” for the first time. I couldn’t sacrifice one of my socks because I’ve been so lucky as to not lose any pairs.. yet. For some reason, I have no idea why, I can’t roll up my hair using the styling ring or sock like everyone else does. My hair is layered, so that might be the reason, and it might also be a little too short. Fortunately, I improvised and found a way to obtain this “simple” (but really-not-that-simple-it-makes-my-arms-hurt) bun. I’ll try and do a tutorial on that soon for all those who are suffering from the same problem.

Oktoberfest w/ Eric

I literally said, "Eric, take a picture of my bun."

I literally said, “Eric, take a picture of my bun.”

In the Alley

July 6, 2012

Happy belated Fourth of July! I hope all of you had a great holiday. I watched fireworks with my family at a neighborhood park, but I mostly spent my day at the LA Fashion District. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as busy as I had expected it to be. I know my previous posts have been about macarons, but now, I actually have a fashion-related post to share!

I interned in the Fashion District for an entire summer so I’ve definitely visited the infamous Santee Alley and all the  outdoor shops numerous of times. For those who haven’t been to the Fashion District’s outdoor shops, here’s my two cents about it, to give you an idea of what it’s like. At the very end of this post, I’ll leave you with my final thoughts and advice for tackling the chaos that is the Fashion District!

Most of the pictures I took are of items that I thought my friends from back home would like, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the shop-lined streets, which is what I think is the most amazing part. Next time I’m back, I’ll be sure to take more pictures! And again, I’ve saved the best for last so scroll to the bottom.

The LA Fashion District is basically a giant flea market, where you can buy clothing, shoes, accessories, and makeup products. You can also find random items there like cellphone cases, iPad accessories, home furnishings, toys. The list goes on. You can bargain with the owners at most stores, but be careful! Some of them are pretty good salespeople. I’m personally horrible at haggling and will pretty much believe what anyone tells me. I always get suckered into buying items at its regular mall prices.

The majority of stores surrounding Olympic Boulevard have, what I believe, a misconception of being incredibly cheap compared to the stores at your local mall. I actually think that most of the stores’ items are a bit pricier if they’re not about the same. However, the  higher priced items are more unique than what you would usually find elsewhere, so you definitely get what you pay for! And for the really cheap items, I kind of have a moment where I question their quality, like with the items above. “Cute… It’s only a dollar and I could make it work with this and that outfit, but will it break on me within the next 15 seconds?”

When I visit the Fashion District, I usually look for statement pieces and accessories, like the ones above, that you can’t get elsewhere. There are a number of stands that sell MAC cosmetics, but I kind of steer away from buying any cosmetics whatsoever, just ’cause you never know where they came from. Most of the no-name shoe brands that I’ve seen are usually a few dollars cheaper. I’m talking about your regular day-to-day flats, booties, and heels that are under $40. Some apparel may also be cheaper, but I’ve also seen your generic items being a lot pricier there as well.

As I was waiting for my family, I was also eating a glorious “Alley Dog.” Supposedly, Santee Alley is known for this and although I’ve seen similar hot dog stands around the Bay, I have to say this was probably the best one I’ve had. Because our visit was a little hectic, I bought nothing but this delicious goodness that day, which I am quite happy about.

So, my advice to anyone planning a trip to Santee Alley… If you’re looking to get a really good deal on an item you’ve been lusting, it’s definitely more than a two-day trip or if you have a smartphone, this two-day trip can be condensed to an inefficient and long one-day trip. Whenever I’m in LA, I always stay for more than a few days, so I always have the time to research items that I really want and what their average price is. I go to Santee Alley with those prices in mind and only buy when I know I’m getting a bargain. And you’ll probably usually know how much a shirt or a bracelet will cost, so definitely remember that! Don’t let your mind trick you into thinking you’re getting a good deal just because you’re in a new place and there are so many colorful things around you. (Guilty!) Some items are so unique that they may be worth the price, but that’s up to you to decide!

If you’ve been to Santee Alley, let me know what you think! Maybe you’ll shed some light for me too and prove me wrong. Feel free to share any bargaining tips you’ve learned in the comments. Would love to hear them!

Sweet Dreams

July 3, 2012

Bottega Louie pretty much fueled my craving for macarons, for what I imagine will last for the entire summer. I visited two other macraon bakeries these past few days. Still, neither could compare to Bottega Louie, but I still loved trying all the flavors. Here are some more pictures of macarons that I know some of you will appreciate!

My friend, Kathy introduced me to ‘lette at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island. I only tried the green tea flavor. The inside was a little too thin and watery for me, if that makes sense, but I loved the details on the macaron! They were like little brush strokes.

Then, I went off to Las Vegas with my family and stopped by Bouchon inside The Venetian after a friend recommended it to me. I kind of tend to stick to the more traditional flavors, so I tried the chocolate and coffee flavor, but they were a little too sweet for my taste.

All the Flavors

June 29, 2012

I’ve just arrived in LA last week and it’s already been so much fun. I really hope I get the chance to live here at some point in my life. I always leave feeling really inspired by all the culture, and just about everything else around me. There’s definitely tons of culture back in the bay as well, but you can’t beat that feeling of being in an entirely new place, hundreds of miles away from home.

My friend, Wilson brought me to Bottega Louie for the first time a few days ago and I was in awe. It’s a bakery/restaurant, and I must say, the place is gorgeous! I wish I took pictures of their beautiful high ceilings and décor, however, I was too focused on our food and their delicious variety of macarons. Wilson and I decided to try all 14 flavors. I think the earl grey is now my all-time favorite and Bottega Louie is my new favorite source for macarons. Thanks Wilson! Definitely have to recommend this place to all my friends back home.

Here are some pictures from our lunch trip. I saved the best for last!