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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

December 25, 2015
diy ugly xmas sweater

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Apologies for the absence this fall/winter season. Work kept me quite busy this time of the year. Luckily, I was free one weekend and had some time to craft together an ugly Christmas sweater. Just for funsies. I really miss DIY’s and crafting. This sweater was a good way to ease myself back into it.  It was simple to make and I liked how it turned out so thought I’d share the progress + final product. Continue Reading…

DIY | Pebbles Flintstone Halloween Costume

October 28, 2013

I celebrated Halloween a bit early this year. I went to a Halloween block party in SF and had less than a day to put my costume together. See how I made my costume for less than $5 in my DIY video.

I originally wanted to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland this year because I wanted to wear a big bow on my head, but didn’t want to fork over the money for a legitimate costume or spend the time to put one together. The Pebbles costume was the perfect backup. I got everything I needed from Michael’s and the sewing patterns were really easy to pick up.

My absolute favorite thing about this holiday has always been all the horror movies that play on TV during October! Otherwise, I’ve never really been a big fan or celebrator of Halloween. This year has definitely been the exception. I wanted to have a little fun and play dress up!

What are you going to be for Halloween? How are you celebrating this year?

On Warriors Ground

March 31, 2013

My obsession with the Warriors continues! I went to two games this past week but here are pictures from just this past Saturday’s game. I went with my friend, Eric, and we very luckily snagged some really amazing seats. I decided to make a Warriors poster for fun since I never get to put my arts and crafts skills to use and I actually had a lot of fun doing it. Here’s what that process looked like from start to finish. And keep reading to get all the details about how I wore the Warriors blue and gold in my own way.

Here’s the final product below. It turned out so much better than I thought. I didn’t even realize it until I saw it in this picture. My instagrammed photo was reblogged by the Warriors’ official Tumblr! I was so ecstatic when I saw it.

This was the first time my phone’s photo sphere panorama feature was put to use! Eric took this really amazing picture ’cause I had no idea how to use it. Click the picture to see it in full size. Hello Harrison Barnes!


So finally, onto my outfit! I wanted to wear blue and gold in my own little way, especially since I basically own close to no Warriors gear, aside from a fitted hat that looks kind of ridiculous on me and a $5 shirt I got on the streets outside the game.

I wore an oversized sweater, high-waisted black shorts with a lace cutout, gold accessories, and black heeled booties. I was really excited to wear this sweater because it’s actually my mom’s! I found it while rummaging through her closet and gushed over all of her 80’s attire. Would you believe me if I said I couldn’t fit into some of her clothes?! She was even smaller than I was back in the day! I couldn’t even believe it.

Here are some more detailed pictures of what I wore. Hope you’ll be patient with me while I try to improve my photos!

Funny story with this necklace… I was trying it on in the store and while I was taking it off, all the little rings fell to the floor. The cashier was not pleased, to say the least. I then proceeded to pick up each individual piece with a long line of other customers behind me.

I think cut-outs on any type of clothing adds so much more interest, so I loved these shorts when I saw them and I think where the crochet patch is placed on these shorts is just about perfect. I kind of took a risk wearing these because the weather predicted rain, but I’ve been absolutely hating wearing pants. Luckily, I was only stuck in the rain for a few minutes!

And lastly, I just really want to thank you and all my friends for your support on my blog! I was so nervous and hesitant to really put this out there, but I’m so grateful and appreciative of all the positive feedback I’ve received. If you want to leave me any comments, suggestions, or want to see certain blog posts, let me know! You can click on this post to leave a comment or visit my Contact page.